Sunday, April 05, 2015

Pear wars

Written for the all new Sunday's Whirligig

Huge thanks to Magical Mystical Teacher for taking over where The Sunday Whirl left off! Although I'm up to my eyes in writing tales for the 2015 April A-Z Challenge I just couldn't resist jotting down this little bit of nonsense! 

Peter was at war with his neighbour Paul over a pear tree. The dispute came about because a branch or two of Peter's tree hung over Paul's fence. So as far as Paul was concerned the fruit on his side belonged to him. Anyway there was more than enough for both of them so he couldn't fathom out what the problem was. 

It started with Peter pounding on Paul's door in the middle of the night and got serious when Paul threw a pear at Peter's window leaving a crack in the glass.

They decided on a dual to sort it out. It would be pears at dawn. Peter filled a suitcase with squashy missiles and Paul saved a pile of solid under-ripe pears on his patio.

They faced each other.The atmosphere was tense. The birdsong ceased, a fox looked on, a rabbit ran for cover whilst a cat was being careful to keep clear.

The battle went on for some time until Peter and Paul's wives Mary and Martha got cross with them and insisted they shake hands and in future agree to share the crop.

And to this day the parable of the pears is told every time a similar neighbourly problem arises.


  1. They sound like a right pear... sorry, couldn't resist. :P Now I'm wondering how a pear duel would play out. Great fun!

  2. Peter, Paul, Mary, Martha, sounds as if the Easter story is lurking in the background here! Glad you couldn't resist joining in. This is a delightful read, absolutely delightful! Do come back, Keith!

    1. Well spotted! I certainly shall MMT!

    2.'re back ! Things did go pear shaped there for a while (chuckles)
      Enjoyed the reference to Mary and Martha....Looking forward to seeing you here if only for the next few months:)

  3. How you put them all together into a story is amazing. :)
    Happy Easter!

  4. Really like your wonderful fable. It flows, it is funny, but also holds an important lesson we all need to remember,

    Welcome Back

  5. Love your parable, and honest sharing at the end...

  6. There have been lesser issues than this that cause neighbours spats, however your tale is so typical of fence wars all over. You painted a great picture here.

  7. The parable of the pairs...i shall keep that one in mind next time the neighbours throw stones

  8. Very acute well written piece ...

  9. This is very good, and doesn't the wives always have to sort out these sort of messes? lol.