Sunday, April 05, 2015

A house of cards

He got great deal on his new house.

From the moment he saw it he knew it would suit him perfectly. A little smaller than he was used to but he should be able to pack everything in all right.

He would have to shuffle his furniture around a bit and change the king sized bed for a queen sized one, but Jack didn’t see that being a problem.

The garden would only need a few days with his mower and spades to make it an ace place to relax. 

Also it was located quite close to the clubs he belonged which was a good thing.

Once settled he planned to ask his girlfriend for her hand in marriage.

It had been love at first sight, and their hearts beat as one. She loved diamonds and he had chosen a ring he knew she would like. It was on the cards that she’d be game.

Let’s hope it all works out for them in their house of cards


  1. You dealt a fine hand there Keith ;) the Queen is red with envy but we'll placate her with some sugar

  2. I really loved this Keith, you came up trumps with it.

  3. This is so cool! :D

  4. Good luck to them in their house of cards. I hope nothing happens to blow it down. Good job!