Friday, March 13, 2015

One day

A few words for Sunday Scribblings 2 where our prompt is Wheel

He slid his last remaining chips across the baize to square thirteen, just as he did every Friday. 

He watched the roulette wheel spin in one direction as the ball rolled in the other.

This was the story of his life, always going against the flow in the hope that one day, just one day a twist of fate would land him where he yearned to be.

Like every Friday he went home penniless only to remain so until his next payday when he would do it all over again.

One day surely the roulette wheel would become his wheel of fortune and thirteen his lucky number.


  1. Like all wheels the roulette wheel draws you in... and once it's in your clutches you keep going back..despite your rational thinking that I'm never going to win!

  2. The click of that ball draws you in and hopefully common sense finally clicks itself to tell you the odds are against you.