Friday, February 20, 2015

Where are you?

Written for Friday Fictioneers

Flames licked the black smoke-filled sky. Banging, crashing, the ear-splitting sound of exploding windows. 

Shards of glass flew through the night air, and flaming timber fell to the ground throwing sparks in every direction.

Then all was quiet except for the hissing of steam and the occasional crackle from inside the building as the flames continued to devour everything in their path. 

A pathetic cry came from an upstairs window. The crowd gasped and all eyes turned toward the only part of the building which had so far escaped unburned. 

A tiny blackened face appeared. ‘Daddy Daddy, Where are you?’ 

Word count 100 


  1. Shuddered at that last line--so wrenching!

  2. That's a sad one. Very sad indeed.

  3. Dear Keith, Good story but so very sad! I hope the fire truck and ladder truck has arrives in time and saves the child. My husband was a fireman when we first got married -also a paramedic and he fell through a ceiling once while putting out a housefire. Good job! Nan :)

  4. Great descriptive writing, and then a kick in the belly. Well done.

  5. Oh no! I hope he gets out and finds his daddy.

  6. Dear Keith,

    I hope the tyke's daddy is still alive.

    BTW it would be easier to find your FF story on the link if you use your story URL rather than the general one for your blog.



  7. I hope that there is still hope.. maybe there is a ladder coming up, and the father comes running down the street... hope hope.