Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Those cherubs....!

For this week's Magpie Tales

Honestly, look at the mess. You cherubs will be the death of me – or someone else if they trip on those toys you've abandoned everywhere. I mean, dying once is bad enough, but falling down the steps and doing it again is just not fair.

They've made it all the way along the road to heaven which was paved with good intentions only to stumble on the stairway to heaven which is littered with plastic frogs and action men.

Now let's get this place cleared up before the Boss sees it.



  1. Maybe the first 'to heaven' could be deleted without affecting this tale of Goody Two Shoes - er- Flip Flops! *smiles*

  2. Great take on this difficult prompt.

  3. One of Edith Vonnegut's best paintings. It is great how both you and she convey the feeling that even heaven itself might pose a few hazards.

  4. that is serious and fun...!

  5. haha!! that was a gud one!! before the boss sees it indeed!! ;)

  6. Yup....wouldn't want to upset the boss :-) .... very fun read!