Sunday, February 15, 2015

This place is crazy!

, write down random thoughts, hurry through it. And don’t even reread it today—you can always come back to it tomorrow'.
here goes!Written for writing prompt #94 'We are all crazy' 

Hey look – over there – red hair, orange hair
Yellow sock on one leg blue on the other!

What’s that – in that shop? Yea, that one
Is it a tent? No it’s notit’s a dress.

And that skirt – so short and bright
- makes my eyes go funny.

I can even see know what’s!

What’s that he’s eating? – ewww! horrid
Yuck – it’s dribbled down his shirty smocky thing.

Look in that window – is it legal?
I suppose anything goes here!

Oh, the state of her! Those colours, that hair.
And him, looks like a clown – is that cool?

Must be.

Listen - that noise – what is it?
It’s coming from him –
him with that mouthorgan – what a row!

Look where you’re steppingmind out
there’s an artist down there!

At least I assume it’s an arist

As for that baby in that old pushchair! Looks as wild as its mother!
Hair on end – look – it’s got streaks of green,
no purple, no as you were green – ish!

Just look at that man  a grey ponytail down to his waist.
This place is crazy  crazy

Gold here, green there, pink aboveblack below
Funny hats, crazy glasses
Long beards, short beards, whiskers.

Wanna see where I am?

It could only be the backstreets of Brighton!

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