Sunday, February 22, 2015

The clown with a frown

A macabre tale of revenge written for Magpie Tales where I was inspired by this rather strange picture!

When Kelly was quite little, the main street in her town was a no-go area for her. Half way down there was a shopping  mall with a facade that resembled a monstrous clown- like head with a gaping mouth that appeared to swallow up all who dared enter in. It was known as the Clown with a Frown Plaza by the locals!

Kelly simply refused to walk past it because she’d been told  by her bullying class mates that lots of people who had got even close had been swept off their feet by a giant tongue, swallowed whole and then found in the cellar deep below.

And so it was she developed early onset coulrophobia! Just a glimpse of a clown, any clown would terrify her.

When she left school she knew she had to do something about her irrational fear. And so she decided that as she couldn’t beat them, she should join them and become a clown herself.

Whilst a becoming a children’s entertainer was not the career path her parents had hoped she’d walk, they couldn't deny that she made something of a success of it, and the tricks she performed baffled even the most sceptical of those who saw her perform.

Kelly never forgot the way she was teased by her so called friends. It was time to get her own back. Her main oppressors had remained friends and often spent time together. But they had no idea what had become of Kelly, nor I suppose did they care. But Kelly did. And it was payback time.

It was late one night. She had watched them from her car as they left the nightclub and tottered towards the main street shrieking with drunken laughter. 

Kelly looked grotesque. Her usually smiling clown face was now a smudged blue and red vision of the devil. In place of her customary bright and baggy clothes she wore a vast black cloak.

As the girls got closer she slipped from her car and concealed herself in a dark corner near to the Clown with a Frown, its gaping mouth covered by a steel shutter for the night.

When they were alongside her she swept out from her hiding place and confronted then. They gasped. She said nothing. They said nothing. They stood still, Kelly stood still, until with a flash of her wrist she launched her cloak into the air. 

At first it floated down as if in slow motion. They girls stood stock-still as the cloak suddenly started whirling itself around them, and then it enveloped them completely before falling to the ground where it lay in a twisted heap, empty. The girls were nowhere to be seen. Kelly turned and walked away.

The next day their lifeless bodies were discovered deep in cellar of the plaza. What happened to them and how they ended up there remains a mystery. For Kelly it was just another trick .


  1. What a scary trick.. It seems a sad decline into menace.

  2. 'For kelly it was just another trick.' Poignant

  3. oh my!! now I've got Coulrophobia as well!! Although the Joker and Heath Ledger dint help the case either!! :(

  4. Hanging on every word...A+!!!!

  5. Oh no not a good trick by any means.

  6. Oh my. Kids. . . don't bully. . . you never know who might turn out to be a vengeful psychopath.

  7. Cool story.... d'you think I could hire Kelly for my son's 21st birthday party......?

    1. Should be able to arrange it - if they've got no history he should be safe!

  8. I have a strong dislike of clowns that stems from my just refreshed it...

  9. Worthy of Stephen King! I never liked clowns.

  10. I LOVE yummy terrifying tales. And if the telling includes a little group of royal bastards getting what's coming to them, I love them even better. Yep, I love happy endings...

    My Magpie entry

    1. P.S. I always feel very happy to read fiction at The Mag. ;-)

  11. Never ever joke about clowns it's not funny.



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