Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Written for Two Shoes Tuesday using the prompt word Imagine. 

Wouldn't it be fun to be a spy! I often imagine myself sitting at a cafe table reading a newspaper with two holes cut in it for my eyes to peep through. 

I imagine myself standing facing a shop window watching the reflection of someone on the other side of the road. What fun it would be to wear a false beard and moustache or pop a wig on my head! And I could have one of those big magnifying glasses!

I imagine myself listening into to people’s phone calls and intercepting their mail. I could make phone calls with a handkerchief over the mouthpiece, and put on foreign accents. I’d have a little camera in my collar and a tape recorder in my hat!

I imagine myself hiding in wardrobes and under beds; see what people are getting up to and listening to covert conversations?

I imagine myself disguised as a cleaner and searching through filing cabinets in closed offices. I’d take photos of secret documents and take down numbers and addresses.

Imagine pretending to be a chauffeur or a butler. I might even dress as a woman!

But it’s never going to happen.

It’s fun to imagine though!


  1. I can remember as a ten year old noticing a man in the street that looked suspicious so surreptitiously I followed him at a distance! I stopped now and then looked in a shop window or did up my shoelaces but still kept him in sight. Eventually he turned into the street where I lived and walked up to his house only a few doors away from mine. He was a neighbour...so I never became a detective! Great story Keith.

  2. I love this imagining. Skulking around and finding information. Cloak and dagger fun. My imagination travels the world and imagines me in exciting places far away.

  3. This was great fun, Keith! I think we all have a bit of imagining still left in us, wondering what it might be like to live a more colorful life of adventure. I think being a spy would be fascinating, I find myself imagining how awesome it would be to be invisible so I could spy openly and never get caught!

  4. I love imagining like that too. I wish I could have been a real reporter traveling to foreign countries. It was my dream, but I got married to young. Now I am almost 50. I love my life though now and would not change a thing, but it is fun to daydream about covering something major overseas. I am such a news junkie still. Thanks for bring back my own imaginings.

  5. Imaging is great fun and sometimes leads to real fun. How boring life would be without it.

  6. we always achieve in our imaginations what we never even dare to strive for in real life, and we still love to imagine.