Saturday, January 10, 2015

In your dreams.......

They were together forty years or so. An inseparable couple who lived life to the full. Until by some cruel twist of fate she was taken away.

It was an accident which could not have been foreseen. She was only driving to the shops, something she did almost every day. The same route, the same shops; pick up some bread, collect some milk. The only difference was that she didn't return.

As she was leaving he had jokingly asked her to buy some magic potion to make them both young again.' In your dreams' she said, 'in your dreams'. They were the last words he would ever hear  her utter.

Now he spends his days alone in a chair staring at the television. More often than not he stares at a blank screen. He sits alone with his thoughts and his memories, their memories.

It’s when he goes to sleep he becomes the man he used to be. In dreams so real they are once again together. In his dreams they dance, they laugh, they play. They travel to places far away and do the things they always dreamt of doing. Because in dreams they can.

But all too soon the day’s dawn breaks. She pulls away and walks off into the distance. She turns her head, and smiles, and waves, and blows a kiss. Then she is gone, off into an inky blue yonder

Once again he is back in his chair. She looks at him from a picture in a frame on a shelf. He looks back at her and smiles. He’s sure she smiles back. See you tonight he mutters. 'In your dreams' she whispers, 'in your dreams'.

Picture; Feeling Blue by Ayaro at deviantART


  1. What a beautiful twist on a beautiful turn of phrase...dreams are the best...i think our soul mates and people who watch over us wait for us there...and that chair..oh yes...can feel the hardness of that seat and the static of the dead TV

  2. What a beautiful and insightful piece Keith. Dreams are what many of us still cling on to...they are better than zilch.

  3. I love the way you wove the wordle words into this sad story, so beautifully written.

  4. I get the feeling that the "accident" was her taking the magic potion without him!

  5. Such a mood-ful (?) photo. (I wonder what word I'm searching for.....)
    Please share at

  6. What a sad story, but as strong believer in mystery...I assume she found the 'magic potion to make them both young again.' but just somehow took it first....