Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Harvest Home

The theme at Poetry Jam this week is Harvest Time.

Fields of swaying oats and barley
reduced to brittle stubble
as the heady days of summer
give way to the evening that is autumn  

Greens become red
then orange then brown.
Skeletal hedge rows and mighty oaks
point barren fingers at an autumn sky

A gentle breeze
sends rustling leaves scurrying
and constantly rearranges
nature's carpet of many colours

At the day’s end
a setting sun gives way to a ghostly mist
laying low across empty furrows.
A damp chill fills the still air

The time has come
for the earth to rest, to hibernate.
To protect and nourish natures treasures
'til spring wakes them from their winter slumber.

Picture based on a photo I took at Butts Brow, Eastbourne, UK


  1. A perfect autumn. It is such a beautiful season, one that (should) lead to rest...

  2. This is a beautiful poem with a tinge of sadness which Autumn always has as winter approaches.
    Your photos are fabulous . When I get more time I will check out the travel ones.

  3. You have very nicely depicted the day till night activities of autumn, loved it absolutely!!

  4. I enjoyed your poem, Keith! I grew up in a farming area and can totally relate to your poem. From the end of August till the trees are bare it seems each drive or walk in the country shows a new step towards winter.

  5. Beautiful, Keith... especially the 3rd stanza.

  6. Keith, your poem is a wonderful depiction of the harvest season & the autumn feeling that accompanies it. You also have given reason for autumn's existence. Though we may not appreciate it leading into winter, the time is necessary for nourishment before rebirth once more!

  7. I love the smells and colors of this season! Thanks for sharing this - it is lovely! Nice photo.

  8. transition wonderfully captivated in your lines..very much visual..nice photo :)

  9. Beautiful poem that really captures the scene. I lived in Eastbourne for 12 years moved to Staffordshire 4 weeks ago. Butts Brow is a wonderful place

  10. Quite a lovely description here. Love many of the images of autumn. Thanks too for visiting my blog.

  11. Autumn is a beautiful season and you have captured that wonderfully here Keith!

  12. Lovely word-picture painting, Keith. I enjoyed reading this poem.