Saturday, March 23, 2013

April Showers

Leaden lumps of rain pour down from slate grey clouds upon a lake of blackened water. On its surface dance a thousand diamond coronets. Here and there,  flashes of silver as fish leap, jump, and frolic with delight in the in the sudden frantic deluge.

A swan, head held high swims serenely 'twixt reeds and lily pads, undaunted by nature’s sudden burst of energy and fury.

Gradually  shafts of sunlight shoot between cracks in the rain-clouds, pushing them aside and revealing a canvas of  purest blue, dotted with fluffy white cushions.  The trees, minutes before sombre hunched and dour, salute the sun resplendent in their new coats of  lustrous green. The roar, in seconds, is replaced by quiet tranquillity. Now the lake is calm, a gently rippling mirror from which rises a delicate mist. 

From everywhere bird song breaks the silence, and a fox ventures from its lair. A cloud of insects tumble in the sunlight and a frantic dragonfly hovers, darts then hovers again.

For this is April in England.


  1. excellent..felt like I was right there..almost smelled the rain and the warmth of the sun...very nice..your words paint a beautiful scene, here, there and everywhere and especially in my mind.

  2. A splash of April Beautiful worded. Just saw on the news that England is covered by a white blanket. Hope spring will melt it all away

  3. From your first words and on, I was drawn in to your description of Spring!

  4. You capture the changeability so well! Love the image of a fox emerging after the rain

  5. wonderful, I hope we get an April which fulfils all you've presented

  6. spring! few more days it will be april but cherry blossoms in japan are already in full bloom. have a great spring ahead