Friday, January 04, 2013

Weekend Whinge # 5

The number of game shows, panel games and reality series with a ‘celebrity’ version is now reaching epidemic proportions. Just a glance through this week’s TV listings throws up no less than 23 different ‘celebrity’ programmes. In theory, they should provide an entertaining rendering of an already enjoyable show, but in most cases they are as dull as ditch water with lists of washed up or unheard of personalities doing their best to gain back a little of the fame they thought they once enjoyed. The first challenge one has when viewing these programmes is in recognising the majority of the so-called celebs lining up for your attention and adulation. Take last night’s launch of this year’s ‘Celebrity’ Big Brother for instance.  I watched a dozen or so odd-bods entering the doors of the infamous dwelling, and I’d only ever heard of three of them! In fact one of those was a loser from the recently aired X-Factor! I rest my case.

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  1. I do believe there is a button to change channels or switch off the boob tube!

    1. ....and that's exactly what I do. My problem is with the sheer amount of them. There's nothing more annoying than switching on one your fave shows only to find that it's been highjacked by so-called celebs.

  2. The more channels the fewer choices! It is almost "1984"! We don't control the TV, it controls us. Next there will be book burning as in "Fahrenheit 451".