Friday, November 09, 2012

Weekend Whinge # 4

Like: preposition. A grammatical word indicating that two things or people are similar or share some of the same features, qualities or characteristics. 

Will someone please tell me why kids find it necessary to insert the word ‘like’ several times into every sentence they utter? “So he was like… and I was like……”  It simply doesn’t make sense and I don’t like it! 

And another thing. Why do some people find insist on saying ‘you know’ over and over again when telling me about something? No, I don’t know  – that’s why you are telling me about it! “So I was like ya’ know, angry. And he was like ya’ know, unable to talk articulately….”

And what about “and then he turned around and said ……….” No, he did not turn around and say anything! Why would anybody start to spin when talking?

I could go on, but I I'm in danger of exploding! 

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  1. Kids use the word "like" as a space filler because there is nothing else going on in their heads. They have no opinions, so are verbally challenged.
    If you showed them identical twins they would be totally stunned!
    It's like the "Like" button on FaceBook, half of them don't know what it is for, and the other half press it just because it is there.

  2. Just lack of vocabulary Keith. Annoying, yes, intensely, but the annoyance is proportionate with the difference in ages. Dare I say it "We don't belong to their club, innit!

  3. Most of the verbal things don't annoy me, but the very common 'your' & 'you're' spelling error drives me crazy.