Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Wise Eyes

A bit of nonsense cobbled together for Carry On Tuesday

When I am old
Does it mean I’ll be wise?
How far will I see
with my tired old eyes?

If I become frail
And a little bit ill
I’ll need to know
What’s over the hill

To see what’s beyond
I’ll climb to the top
At least, that’s the plan
Let’s hope I don’t drop!

Once I am there
I’ll look back on my life
Good times and sadness
Happiness and strife

So if I am wise
And if I can see
And need no assistance
When having a pee

I’ll be happy old chappy!


  1. A enjoyable piece, accompanied with an old man's worry. Very light-hearted, rhythmic poem.

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  2. sounds like you have your priorities straight to me. {grin}

  3. That's all we can all hope for.. A good walk, good reflections and the ability to pee hehehehee Love it when you write your poems, even the silly ones.