Friday, November 02, 2012

Weekend Whinge # 3

Would you credit it?

You’ve enjoyed watching a movie or a terrific piece of drama on your TV. Your mind is filled with what you’ve just experienced and you need to come back to reality gently and slowly. Then whilst the credits are running and the carefully chosen music plays, a continuity announcer suddenly starts to yell about the programme that’s coming up next, or tomorrow, or in a weeks’ time and completely ruins the moment. Even worse – you are trying to read the credits to find out the name of an actor or discover the title of a song you heard during the broadcast, and a picture pops up to accompany the excited announcers voice, and the credits get squashed over to one side or into the corner where they become distorted or too small to read. It is so infuriating!

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  1. I feel for you! It's happened so many times to me I don't even bother. :)

  2. You think you have problems! In Australia commercial TV runs overtime regularly so switching channels is not an option as sure as eggs the next program you wanted to view will have already started. I noticed one movie on a commercial channel ran for 4 hours and it was only a kids flick, guess what the time was made up with. If you miss the credits look up the details on the Imdb website. You whinge well was justified.