Thursday, June 28, 2012

What a mess!

Let me read it to you!
Just click on green arrow

I know it’s here somewhere
but where tell me where
I saw it last night
when I sat in this chair

I spent four hours scribbling
and scratching my head
and screwing up paper
and shaking my head.

My pen is still here
my blotter my ink
but where is my poem
I just cannot think?

Has it dropped on the floor
is it under that book?
Is it tucked in those papers
Where else can I look?

There’s just one thing for it
this place is a mess
Now is the time
when I sort out my desk!


  1. Very clever and very familiar, as I sit at my messy desk trying to ignore it. You have inspired me to sort things out and do a little organizing. Thanks, I think:)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  2. Hey! Your poem is on your screen, in your computer.

  3. Now I have a voice to go with the face and the words...this was just that how they say it over there? careful about putting things away...that's when they really get lost...

  4. my desk is a mess too, like my mind. i really liked hearing your voice and accent.

    i did a voice on mine too -- done for