Saturday, May 26, 2012


Think of England of most people think of rain. Well, it’s true we did have rain for a few days last week, but that already seems a distant memory as the temperature is here is now higher than in Alexandria in Egypt and the cloudless sky is about as  blue is could possibly get! And of course, we still have a hose pie ban in force as we are officially a drought region! I can almost hear you laughing at my preposterous claims dear reader, but I’ve just been strolling round the park and what a very dry and arid place it has now become!

Look at this for instance. It’s what’s left of the stream which links the two lakes, and the water has all but dried up – the ducks having to walk!

There is however one little pool of water and that is currently occupied by our new ducklings!

According to the notices displayed around and about, the boating lake is due to open in a few weeks time. Not looking too hopeful right now!

There are some positive things happening in the park.  The cafe is nearing completion – these two pictures were taken a few weeks apart.

It's is a similar situation over at the the new kid’s play area. The small photo of the playground was taken last month just before it was torn up, and it’s replacement is growing by the day.

I thought I'd leave you with some flowers before they shrivell up in the heat and die!

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  1. Lots going on in your park. It would be nice to see the water feature with water though, lol.

  2. i am very impressed that you are keeping track of what is going on so well. more people should be so civic minded.

  3. My goodness, that is some drought!

  4. England will be fighting to import fresh water soon too. It used to be known for its rain but, the climate there is changing dramatically now. Feel sorry for those ducks.
    Great pics Keith!

  5. the temperatures are unusually high all around the globe this year!

  6. When I think of England, I think of flowers in spring and the daffodils planted in the lawn! The lovely little pubs and the warmth therein. Of course, I also think of rain!

  7. It is the same here in Texas, water restrictions due to drought have ruined many beautiful places. One wonders what the years ahead will bring as the water table continues to drop. I love the beautiful photo of flowerrs that you ended with, just as with all life, there is still hope!