Sunday, February 26, 2012


Written specially for Carry On Tuesday and Sunday Scribblings

For many, a desire to be ahead of the game and a craving for all things modern diminishes the sacred memories of the journey they’ve taken to bring them to where they are today. Live for today has been overtaken by live for tomorrow. For many, the past has been trampled underfoot in the race to reach an uncertain future.

For some the past has been kind, but for most, what went before was a mix of good times and bad, laughter and tears, utter pride and deepest guilt. There remains much to learn from the past, especially the things of which we are least proud and try to put the back of mind.

So stop for a moment and sit a while. Fill your glass and drink with me to days gone by; days which helped us form the people we are today. Drink to the mistakes that made us change our path, not just the things of which we are proud. Let’s raise a glass to yesterday for without it there would be no today, and tomorrow wouldn’t exist.

Right, enough of that! Mine’s a scotch; what’s yours?


  1. That's just what I need a verbose drunk reliving the past...but I am not fussy I'll drink with you and tell you my story too, you won't remember it in the morning.

  2. Wonderful... totally enjoyed the tone, and the ending!

  3. I have to totally agree with you. In our fast-paced society our focus has been turned completely upside down. Looking to the future at the expense of relishing the present and learning from the past is a mistake that will haunt many of us, I'm afraid.

    Oh, and make mine a Jack and Coke, heavy on the Jack, please!

  4. A friend just gave me a leather bound journal and told me to write the memories of my past to hand down to my children. So, I have been struggling with "where do I start?" So many memories, both bad and good as you pointed out. I am sifting throuh memories and enjoying them and trying to sort them so I can write
    something significant for the readers of my journal. Thus, your muse is meaningful for me in the moment. We should not let go of our past, but rather seek out the significance of the life we have lived. Thank you for that. And, Dubai ... really! I hope we will see more of it.

    Andrea @ From The Sol