Thursday, October 20, 2011

Farmer Bill's big back yard

Keith's Ramblings will soon be reaching its 5th Anniversary. Over the next few days I'll be publishing a few of my favourite posts. This one fits almost perfectly with the Sunday Scribblings prompt, My Back Yard. It was first published here in April 2008

In Farmer Bill's big back yard

Pigs grunt
Cows moo
Frogs croak
Doves coo

Sheep baa
Birds sing
Bees buzz
Wasps sting

Ducks quack
Cocks crow
Mice squeak
Winds blow

Branches wave
Streams run
Clouds float
In the sun

Swans glide
Fishes dart
Ponies canter
Bulls fart


  1. HAHAHA..Love it!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Well what could be better than this to celebrate an anniversary? Your joy in writing bursts out of the screen,

  3. I love this! It should be a children's book. I know my granddaughter would have loved it a few years ago.

  4. Cute Keith. I wouldn't mind living in Farmer Bill's back yard,...... a safe distance from the bull. Hahaha.

  5. I see the book on the library shelves already..Jae ;)

  6. The last line would cause every young boy hearing this to ask, "Read it again! Read it again!"

  7. Yeah! Read it again and make the fart noise!!! C'mon, pleeeeezzz?

  8. Ooh, I like the children's storybook flavor here! Happy SS! Early Happy 5th yr of blogging!

  9. Cute and funny. As for bulls, they certainly do!