Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rosey and the Shipwreck

This week our prompt at Sunday Scribblings is Shipwreck

I don’t know if you remember but back in January I told you about Rosey and her unfortunate incident in her rowing boat – if not, you can find it here. Ever since that fateful day we have referred to it as Rosey’s shipwreck! So when an exhibition came to our local art gallery with the one word title Shipwreck, we felt we had to drag Rosey along to show her what a lucky escape she had in comparison to the tragic events in marine history past.

So off we went, Rosey chose to wear an outfit of blue and white as she felt it fitted the occasion. We suggested she should have worn a lifejacket as it would have been more in keeping. I have to admit that the pictures were not particularly interesting. Rosey thought that the star exhibit, ‘The Shipwreck' by Turner was pretty dull and certainly not as interesting as his most famous work, ‘The Hay Wain’. I pointed out that John Constable painted the Hay Wain to which Rosey retorted that he should have been promoted to at least a Sergeant by now!

Anyway, we wandered though into the next room where things certainly looked up, for me at least! Gone were the broken boats and crashing waves. Now our eyes feasted upon painting after painting of Rubenesque ladies from the Baroque period. Rosey made a tut-tutting noise and said that it was unfair that all the nude paintings depicted women. I pointed out to her a sign on the wall that said ‘Men’ and off she strutted in the direction of the arrow. One minute later she found herself standing before a row of urinals!

On her way back she spotted a notice on the wall advertising life painting classes, and you’ll not be surprised to learn that she intends enrolling. I for one can’t wait to see the results!   


  1. That Rosey is a funny girl, however I have done that on mistake! I love hearing about her antic!!
    Well done Keith, always entertaining!

  2. Your Rosey is such a good sport, she never seems to get in a huff about being teased. Looking forward to the results of her first life class.

  3. Ha - cant wait to meet Rosey on the way to the men's room.

    Delightful and I love Turner...

  4. H'mm. That was supposed to be "Keith" there at the end. But I guess you knew that. :-)

  5. Good to read you are still writing about your friend Rosey, I do identify with her, hahaha.

  6. As I scanned down through your posts there were fascinating pictures of planes, Egypt and the like but it was Rosey that I had to come back and read about first, lol. She is certainly one remarkable person.



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