Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Walk in the Park

The rising sun shines silver through the early morning mist. Droplets of dew glisten on blades of grass which quiver in the breath of a gentle spring breeze. A walk in the park. Just one man and his dog. So peaceful.
In the hunching houses beyond the hedgerows, alarms are waking folk from their slumbers.Soon the quiet will be shattered by the sound of cars spluttering into life. Children will shout their goodbyes as they pile into buses, and the drone of the city beyond will provide an endless soundtrack to the wearisome working day.
But for now, it’s peaceful, so very peaceful.
A mother duck proudly floats across the lake, as half a dozen baby brown birds paddle franticly in her wake in an effort to keep up. With a sudden hiss and splash, a fountain springs into life and in seconds it's crowned by the shimmering arc of a perfect rainbow.Around a corner behind the trees, a multicolour fence surrounds group of brightly coloured slides and seesaws enjoying the last minutes of peace and quiet before chattering mothers propel their shrieking offspring through the gate in their bag laden baby buggies. The swings move lazily back and forth awaiting their first passengers of the day.
His dog suddenly stops, as dogs do. As he waits for it to go about its business he looks around and wishes it could always be as peaceful as this.
As he rounds a bend he’s momentarily dazzled by a flash of light as the windows of the white and blue wooden pavilion reflect the rays of the beaming sun into his squinting eyes. A small price to pay for experiencing something few others will. Soon the chugging mower and the rumbling roller will be trundling back and forth getting the green ready for the start of the cricket season. Soon the crack of leather on willow will be music to the ears of the cricketing community as the men strut about bat and ball in hand, and the proud ladies make cucumber sandwiches, pour endless cups of tea and butter their home baked scones.
Right now though, peace and quiet prevail.
He turns and walks into the copse. Sunrays pierce the ground around him like golden spears as they shoot through the swaying branches overhead. A few minutes more and he’ll be home. He’ll hand the park back to his neighbours for another noise filled day.
A jarring thump. He shoots forward and stumbles to the ground. What’s happened? He makes out the sight of a heavy boot flying towards his face and senses someone frantically tearing at his pockets and dragging his watch from his wrist. The peace is shattered now. The silence is assaulted by the grunting and growling of his assailant. His dog drags itself from his grasp, and now the air is filled with deafening barking and the terrified whimper of the attacker who now finds himself under attack. Slowly everything becomes a blur and the sounds echo away into the distance.
Once again it’s peaceful. The only sound is the breathing of the faithful hound as he sits by his master, licking his face, willing him to recover..
Alone in the park. Just one man and his dog. So peaceful.

Written for the Sunday Scribblings prompt 'A Walk in the Park'


  1. I love it when I find a post that makes my heart quicken! Placidity and savagery is impeccably balanced.

  2. You had me so very calm and then suddenly...bam! I love the dichotomy between peace and danger, but this is the real truth of life isn't it? Great writing.

  3. You certainly led us into supposed tranquility and brutally brought us the ugly side of life. Makes me want to get a dog again!

  4. Wow! I wasn't expecting that at all. At first I was so relaxed, I was could almost hear violins in the back ground, then a huge CRASH! Very cool :-)

  5. Awesome story Keith! You pulled us right down the merry path and into carnage with this one. I loved it!

  6. what a jolt! excellent writing!!!

  7. Loved the peaceful part of the story and heart was thumping in the remaining. Nice tale but could be true and happen to anyone.

  8. Another fine piece of writerly-deception..mid-way I was thinking ooh, it's so good to be in England - ducks, cricket, sandwiches..and then 'pow!' reality was restored..I don't know why but I am glad he had his dog with him..Jae

  9. I enjoyed every step, and I loved the ending how you brought it back to that peaceful gentleness, brilliantly done!

  10. Holy cow Keith! This started out so serene, then bam! You have written a fine piece, depicting how quickly our lives can change in a second.

  11. I like all the foreshadowing. It had me worried to keep reading. So well done.

  12. Keith! you are THE story teller!!! You had me wishing for a walk like that, wishing for that kind of Peace and quiet. Had me wishing I would begin to take Molly and Cosmo on nice walks again.. and then! HOLY Cow! I am not walking them without a weapon!
    great writing buddy! miss reading you! xox

  13. I have written several pieces lately about the peace of early morning and so I was floating along with this, calm and serene, picturing it all in my mind and then slap - you whacked me over the head and I was mad and I was hoping the dog bit the jerk right on the crotch!

    I hate it when peace and quiet are disturbed!

  14. Have you been watching Sunday Horrors again?

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  16. You lulled me into a sense of calm and then whapped me up the side of the head. Wow! Loved it.



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