Sunday, October 10, 2010

I've deleted the title, it wasn't essential!

Right, I’ve finished my story. Oh dear, I think it’s a bit too long. I seem to remember some rule about it having a maximum of 150 words. I’ve more than doubled that. What shall I do? I’m going to have to eliminate anything that’s not essential.
So, out goes the second paragraph. It’s not really necessary. Now that’s gone, the third paragraph has nothing to relate to. I guess that can go too. Okay, it’s shrinking.
If I am clever with the title and make it really descriptive, I won’t actually need need the first few sentences. While I’m at it I may as well strike the whole paragraph. Let’s see? Yes, that works.
There are a lot of flowery phrases down here. Loads of words can disappear without really altering the story. Trouble is, some of the sentences are left looking a little basic, naked even! I’m not very happy with them. I think I’ll knock them out completely. Yes, that’s better.
I suppose I could use a picture of the main character and then I won’t need to describe him. That's another chunk gone. 
I’ve just read what’s left, and paragraph four doesn’t make sense without paragraph three. And I could even remove five now that two’s gone. Mmmm.
The ending is a bit over the top now that so much has been taken out, so I’ll dump that too. There it goes!

Right, done. Here we go then, I really hope you enjoy it! 
Oh! It’s all gone! Every single word! All that remains is the title, and a picture of the main character, and they are not really needed without a story! Guess I’ll have to start again. I need to keep count this time. Here goes!
Once upon a time (4 words) there was a man called Eustace (that’s 10 words – 140 to go!) and he lived in.............

Written for the Sunday Scribblings prompt, Essential

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  1. Good one It is essential though to tell were he lives. What about NZ

  2. You could just use the picture and have no words at all :)

  3. That will teach us to go overboard with our editing. I'm not a lover of cut flowers but words are the lifeblood of our writing, we must take care to tend them. Great lesson here.

  4. This one made me smile..the delights of flashfiction..Jae

  5. Ah yes...the editing process...I rarely go there anymore..essentially most of my words, phrases, etc. are never essential...I think

  6. Very good one. I love the humor in this... and how often can we really do this with our writing?

    Without taking away from our stories, that is...



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