Monday, August 23, 2010

It's dangerous in the jungle!

I wrote this story for my Kid's Stories site almost three years ago. It fits quite well with this week's Sunday Scribblings prompt, Dangerous.

Little Max climbed up onto a stool and reached for the biscuit tin. He felt inside then took out a chocolate covered wafer and another round one covered in hundreds and thousands. He carefully placed them inside a plastic bag and put them in his pocket ready for the journey.

Max was heading for the jungle.

There were dangerous animals there so he would need a big stick to fend them off. He opened the door of the garden shed and looked around for a something suitable . Some were too long, others to fat. But this one was just perfect. He’d need a hat too. Up in the corner he saw a green cap with a big peak. That would do. He stood on tiptoes, wobbled a bit, and then just managed to knock it off its hook with his stick. It was a bit big but it was better than nothing.

He remembered hearing something about rain in forests. He’d need his boots to keep his feet dry. And in case it was hot he’d better take that paper fan that Mummy bought back from Spain last year. And that little torch that lives in the cupboard under the stairs for when the sun goes down.

All he needed now were some fellow travellers. Sophie was a bit too grown up and she always laughed at him when he planned his adventures. But Jack was only five and he would really enjoy himself. So he dragged him away from his Lego train and told him not to tell a soul about the danger to come.

Darrus the Dalmatian would enjoy it too. Max went to get his lead and Darrus started bouncing round in circles because he was so excited.

He wanted one more traveller. Edward the teddy hadn’t been out the house for ages. He would love to come. They were ready for the trek into the jungle.

Max wasn’t sure which way it was, but it was probably somewhere near the bottom of the garden. There were some trees on the other side of the fence and it always looked dark and mysterious over there. Jack pulled one way, and Darrus another, but Max tugged them both down the garden path.

Suddenly Daddy called from the window - ‘Off on one of your jaunts again Max?’

‘We are going exploring in the jungle’ Max said.

'I thought we could all go to play on the swings and get an ice cream’ said Daddy.

Suddenly all thoughts of a trip to the jungle were forgotten!

This week's Carry On Tuesday prompt can be found HERE!


  1. Ice cream trumps jungle. Hmm ice cream...creepy cream...creepy crawlies. I'm with Max! Nice story!

  2. Keith lovely story and I for the ice cream, too!

  3. Luckily at that age I did manage to get away. I certainly skipped all the accessories except for the boy down the street and of course my penknife! What about ice cream you may ask? In the wartime you must be kidding! Great story!

  4. Ice cream has that effect on me too.



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