Saturday, August 28, 2010

The bake-a-cake competition!

This week the prompt on Writers Island is 'if only'

What if I made some muffins? I wonder if a sponge cake would be better. Would I stand a better chance if I made a fruit cake? But if I baked, not sure. Then if......if.....if......!      Only a few days to go.

I wonder if I put in enough eggs. What if there was too much flour?  If I stirred it more....if....if....if.....!      Only a few more minutes in the oven.

Let’s see if it’s cool enough. I wonder if it’s too soft. What if it’s soggy in the middle or if....if....if.....!      Only hope it’s good enough.

If I use whipped cream on top I wonder if I should sprinkle chocolate bits over it.  What if I iced it instead? I wonder if pink would look good or if white would better. But then again, if .....if.....if.....!      Only one chance, I must get it right.

I wonder if the judges like it. Would it have stood a better chance if I’d just dusted it with sugar? What if I’d used a paper doily under it? If....if.....if.....!        Only came third.

If only I’d made a swiss roll!

The new prompt is ready and waiting for you at Carry On Tuesday


  1. Oh, the chant of the worrier and one of the best reasons in the world not to get caught up in competition. Like the stress on all of the what if's and also like the photo. It made me hungry,


  2. You making a food lover hungry over here XD And this kind of remind me of myself cooking (Honestly, I only know how to eat) XDXD It is gonna be such a disaster in the kitchen haha

  3. Ah that sounds like me cooking althoug I would never enter a competition. I am getting hungry now

  4. I love the way used the prompt here; ingenious.

  5. Love the angst, love the humour. Terrific slant on the prompt.

  6. You sound like quite a concerned chef, lol. I love Swiss rolls! If only I had one in the house, lol.

  7. It looks good to me... what if I'd been judging...?

  8. hehe - sounds so familiar... crazy-making! a really excellent response to the prompt though!