Wednesday, July 07, 2010

On my way back!

The world is a very large place. It has of course become smaller since the availability of affordable flights, but there is no way in which one could visit every single place on the planet in just one lifetime. I envy folk who think life is a revolving door; leave it after a long life, then come straight back again as a screaming baby! They will of course will be able to carry on with their travels where they left off! As for me, I have to make the most of the time that’s left to me to drop in on as many places as my wallet will allow!

You may therefore be surprised to learn that I am about to set off on my forth trip to a little island which sits basking in the Aegean Sea, nudging the coast of Asia Minor. Samos.

Once a year I like a relaxing holiday. A holiday on which I need do nothing more than stroll down to the beach each day, and enjoy a meal and a drink without having to plan the following days adventure. Three months ago I was in Cambodia. It was fantastic, but it was hard work! I’ve been tired out in India and exhausted in Thailand, and I have every intention of having more exotic locations stamped in the back of my worn out passport! But once a year I like to take a no-risk holiday. One with no surprises. One which requires no effort or forethought. And that for me is the beauty of Samos.

My bag is packed, and in a few hours I’ll be driving through the night to the airport. Whilst most people are still asleep my 737 will be carrying me high above the clouds before depositing back in the place I consider to be my second home. I have a good stock of books and my camera is fully charged. I can almost taste the ouzo! I’ll visit the Pegusus Taverna for lunch most days, and lie on my favourite deserted beach and turn red! I’ll drop in at Gregor’s Bar at sundown and keep in touch with friends and family from my favourite internet cafe
I'm on my way back to my little piece of paradise. Samos!


  1. Keith,
    I am low maintence I am a server...except in volleyball...I am a setter because I am only 5'2. I am a beach bum at heart and I can hold my own at the bar. Want a travel compainion next time you travel? Contact me. I'd love to mosey along. Cheers! PJ

  2. 向著星球長驅直進的人,反比踟躕在峽路上的人,更容易達到目的。............................................................

  3. Well by now I suppose it’s “Happy Piece of Paradise” to you, Keith! Loved your revolving door line here and your idea of a relaxing holiday, since it's exactly my idea of a relaxing holiday :-D

  4. Keith Have a glorious Holiday. Enjoy the feel on doing nothing, we all need those moments to reconnect with self and what's important in life. I've never taste ouzo(?) so drink one for me as well.

    Viya con dios. Have a great holiday mon ami


  5. Looks absolutely perfect!



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