Saturday, July 10, 2010

It's not a bad life!

Well I made it, I'm back on the glorious Greek island of Samos. As some of you know it's actually my birthday today, and I'm having a grand time. Carry On Tuesday followers, fear not. I managed to persuade this archaic Hellenic computer to play ball, and I've got the new prompt posted.

Right now I'm in the internet bar which I arrowed on the photo in my previous post. I had a great lunch at the Pugasus Taverna and when I leave here I'm wandering a few steps along to Gregor's bar for a celebratory cocktail! They too were pointed out on my photos. Despite appearances I'm not known as a creature of habit, except when I'm here that is!

So, farewell friends, be back next week when normal service will be resumed.


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  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEITH!! hope you're having a blast! xox

  3. Keith Hope your having a wonderful time and you're getting rested and tanned :)

  4. Keith wishing you a very happy birthday!