Monday, May 10, 2010

What a farce!

As I write this, British politics is in complete disarray. In the general election last Thursday the Conservative party won 36% of the vote, Labour 29% and the Liberal Democrats came a poor third with just 23% of the vote.

But 36% wasn’t enough to get the Conservatives a majority in parliament. They needed 326 members in the house in order to guarantee getting any measures and proposals through parliament, but they only won 307.

The only answer for them was to create a coalition with the losers, the Lib Dems. For the last two days the two parties have been in talks to try and formulate a platform on which they could share common ground. Trouble is, the Cons and the Lib Dems are so fundamentally different that to reach a compromise is nigh impossible.

So, the Lib Dems decided to approach the ailing Labour party. Labour are currently in power but their popularity is at an all time low and our Prime Minister Gordon Brown has in the last couple of hours agreed to resign.

As I’m writing both Labour and the Lib Dems are behind closed doors eating pizzas  whilst trying to thrash out some kind of solution.

Let’s look at the facts;

1.         1. The Lib Dems are insisting that whichever party joins them agrees to a system of proportional representation. The majority of the population voted against them so clearly this is not an issue in which the population at large are interested in.

2.      2  . In the general election the Conservatives gained 97 new seats whilst the Labour party and Lib Debs lost 96 between them.

3.    It Labour and the Lib Dems form a coalition government, they will still have less votes in parliament than the Tories. To get any measures through the house they will have to pull in support from the Scottish and Welsh parties. It will be odds and ends against England. It won’t work.

4.   We now have a situation where the losers, i.e. the Lib Dems are the king creators.

5.   If the Lib Dems and labour form a government, we will be led by a government made up of the party that came second and the party that came third, whilst the party who got the most votes in the general election languishes in opposition. A coalition of losers.Mad or what?

6.The party that got just 23% of the vote is now holding the main two parties to ransom.

What a joke! Perhaps I should emigrate!


  1. What craziness, Keith! Oh, and if you DO emigrate and decide to come across the pond to the lower 48, just make sure you do the paperwork first. The immigration issue here is INSANE.

  2. If it is rational politics you re looking for I do not suggest a swim across the pond. maybe a boat to Australia? it's a mad, mad world.

  3. Your room is ready Sir Keeth!

    The beer is cold the wine is free flowing and the whiskey is never ending...... Throw in a BBQ, Whitesnake and KB what more could a man want?



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