Sunday, September 06, 2009

Carry On Tuesday part 2

A few days ago my friend Rosey suddenly surprised everyone with an announcement about her plans for the future. Hopefully you had a chance to read the piece which she wrote on her blog explaining what she’s doing.
I was, to say the least amazed. She has a really comfortable existence. A beautiful home, a job she loves and a circle of friends and family that most would envy. But she’s turning her back on it all. Not just for a short while as she said in her piece, but for anything up to two years.
None of us realised that behind the scenes she’d been planning and preparing for her new life for many months. She said that if we’d known about it we would have tried to talk her out of it. I think she was wrong about that. She can be assured that we are all in awe of her. She has committed herself to something few if any of us would take on.
In case you’ve yet read her post, I need to tell you that Rosey has signed up to the organisation Voluntary Service Overseas. Very soon she’ll be flying out the country to start a new life in a village in the African country Namibia. There she will be spending her days in a village school doing what she does best – inspiring children. But these won’t be the kids of the wealthy residents of Eastbourne. These kids live in a country which has been overtaken by aids. Many have no parents. All of them live in the most basic of homes or hostels. All will benefit from Rosey’s love and care.

She tells me that there is a fairly crude and unreliable internet service so hopefully she’ll be able to keep in touch. I’ve promised to give you any news she may have from time to time although I imagine that for her one day will be much as another.
I spent the last couple of hours with her. It was to say the least a fairly emotional meeting mainly because she’s decided just to slip away with the minimum of fuss. She had said that she was leaving in three weeks. In fact she flies out tomorrow. I didn’t know what to say when she told me .I knew it would be a difficult farewell, but I was under the impression that I had a little while to get used to the idea.
As she got up to leave, she placed a finger against her lips and quoted from a poem I wrote some time ago. “Don’t speak” she said “Words will only steal the moment”
And then she was gone.


  1. Wishing Rosey all the very best. Its so nice to hear people go out of the way to help others!Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awww, she's never be far off, I'm sure she'll always be close to your heart.

  3. Good riddance I say
    Now back to reality.........

  4. Very moving post, Keith! Friendships like this stretch across the borders, grow and survive, and in my experience, are all the better for it.
    I wish Rosie a journey full of wonder and joy. Good for her for doing this!

    One last thought. She's lucky to have a friend like you who encourages her freedom and helps her on her way, all the while knowing he'll miss her. Selfless friendship is a wonderful thing.

    Keep us posted. We want to know!
    Bella :)

  5. The quote was so apt. As I have just said to Rosey, I did almost the same thing fifty years ago, and I never regretted it. I'm sure she wont. She's lucky to have such a good friend,



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