Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rosey says sorry!

I always thought I might have a problem with my friend Rosey when I helped her set up her own blog. At first she was very meek and mild. Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. But now things seem to have changed. She's found her voice. And it aint a pretty one right now!

As you know I'm currently in Dubai with my family and I'm having a great time. Imagine my horror however when I saw what dear Rosey had been writing behind my back. She obviously thought I wouldn't see it. When I told her www stood for wibbley wobbley web she clearly believed me! I seems she had no idea it meant world wide and that I would be reading what she was writing. I pointed that out to her just now when I called her, and I also reminded her that many of her readers also lived abroad - a point she clearly had missed!

She has now agreed to post an apology. I expects she hopes that no one will notice it, so I thought I'd put a link to her blog here to make it easier for you to enjoy her grovelling! It wasn't there when I looked just now, but it should be published by the time you read this!

Click here for Rosey's apology!


  1. oh you're a hoot. oh, but don't go read the apology... trust me, it's there *wink*

  2. Sorry seems ta be the hardest word....song maybe?

    Ya a hard man Keith.......

  3. Keith,

    I hope your travels have been blessed with many wonderful sights and family gatherings.

    I'm expecting pictures and excerpts from your visit :)

    Shame on miss Rosie, it's tied up in the heart of the youth though, foolishness that is lol.

    Be sweet my dear friend and give me a holler when you can.

  4. I hope you're having a great time in Dubai...and for Rosie...she just didn't know you, did she???

    Am back to reading up and have to go back pages now....but willc atch up on all that i've missed..

  5. Me thinks you've finally lost it mate *giggles*

  6. LOL look forward to reading it