Friday, April 24, 2009

A fairy story

It was a spring day, the sort of day poets write about and artists paint. Wandering through the woods a little girl stopped occasionally to pick a flower to put in her hair, or to watch the scurrying creatures of the undergrowth go about their busy lives. The sun scattered dappled spots of light between the unfurling leaves of the trees which formed a canopy of palest green above her head.
The only sound was the babbling of a brook as it's crystal clear water tumbled over glinting pebbles and swirled among the rocks and reeds.
What was that? Was it a tiny voice or her imagination playing tricks? 'Wait for me' it seemed to whisper. She looked around but there was nothing to be seen.
She stopped to watch a little bird on a twig as it swayed back and forth in the breeze. 'Please wait for me' whispered the little voice again. 'Where are you?' the child said. 'Why are you following me?' There was no reply.
She stood on tiptoes on the stump of a fallen tree and looked all around. Nothing. Not a soul to be seen. Carrying on she climbed a gate into a field. Some cows looked up as she jumped down onto the ground, then they got back to feeding on the lush green grass. Then that little voice again. 'Please wait for me'.
And then she saw where the voice was coming from. A tiny fairy was sitting on a branch of a nearby tree, its translucent wings quivering, tears trickling down its alabaster cheeks. The girl held out her hand. The fairy fluttered into the air then landed in her palm. 'Why are you following me?' she said, 'why are you so sad? '
The fairy told her, choking on her words, that she was lost. She begged the girl to show her the way back to her home in the fairy grotto. It was a secret place known to only a special few, just the children who truly believed in fairies. The little girl knew exactly where to take her.
A few minutes later the tiny fairy was back with her family. The fairy godmother promised the girl that no matter what happened to her, in good times and sad, there would always be a fairy to watch over her.
So if you ever see that girl, and she looks over her shoulder and smiles, you know that her own little fairy is following just behind her. ,


  1. An adorable story, Keith. I have a big grin on my face after reading it. Happy holidays x

  2. I find this totally unacceptable Keith!
    It's insulting to our gay community talkiung about fairies in this way!
    Not happy Keith!

  3. aww so sweet! wish I had a fairy Keith!

    (you must have been a great story teller tucking in your kids at night! xo)

  4. what a lovely story! I somehow felt threatened by your sweet spring afternoon, and kept waiting for the fairy to do something naughty. How nice to have a happy ending prove me wrong.

  5. Many a times, I wish I was a kid again, believing in fairies. I felt so good reading this.

  6. now THAT'S my kinda story. lovely, thanks!

  7. that's my kinda story too! loved it. i believe in fairies too. hope i find a lost one some day.

  8. I'm still watching. Nice post!

  9. Ah, to be young and believe! Truly a story to pass on. You do have the story telling magic. You make use of great imagery here too!!

    Hope your having fun.

  10. Wow this is so cute!!
    I was intrigued about angels when i was a kid. Well things have changed now! After reading this i want to start believing in angels again.
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Lost of Love.

  11. I could hear my mother's voice reading this story and I was but 5 years old. Thank you Keith.


  12. absolutely enchanting - would that i could recapture my innocent days of an imaginary to hang out with!!!

  13. Yeah, I love fairies, you have to believe in them to see them.

    Nice follow!


  15. Excellent piece of work! Peace, JP/deb

  16. Ahh what a great story I love it.

  17. Good deal. I would not think she should mind, really, now that she understands more. Communication is key.

  18. Beautiful story, made me smile, I know they're around us ;)

  19. What a wonderful story. I've always believed in fairies myself. I tell the kids they can't step on mushrooms because the fairies live under them. They will love this story.



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