Thursday, February 05, 2009

Rosey goes veggie - again!

I wasn’t going to write a post tonight but I just have to tell you about this!

My friend Rosey has decided to have another go at being vegetarian.

Someone told her that a secret cult in the village of Nether Wallop ritually slaughter and then ate kittens. She took one look at her cats Fuzzybut and Scruff staring up at her with their big blue eyes and thought ‘Yuck, they must taste awful’

Anyway I reminded her that if God had intended us to be vegetarian he would not have made cows from beef, but my remark fell on deaf ears

I’ve just got back from her flat where she has once again dusted off her old pots of pills and supplements and lined them up on the kitchen shelf where her biscuits and sweets used to reside.

I told her that all she needed to do was to make sure she ate plenty of eggs, whole-grain cereals, pulses, green leafy vegetables, fruit like oranges and fortified breakfast cereals. I know about these things because my daughter Penny is of the vegetarian persuasion.
But no. She says she won’t drink milk or eat eggs. So I asked her if she was actually a vegan. She thought about it for a minute and then asked me if vegans were vegetarians too! I said yes, of course and she laughed and asked if I thought she had pointed ears like Mr.Spock. Vegans I said, not Vulcans!

Meanwhile back on the shelf she has a pot of multi-vitamin pills called Osteotrace which lists amongst its ingredients horsetail, vitamin E tablets to make her look younger (why? don’t ask me!!) something called Selenium with the byline ‘good mood food’ plus various other tubs tins and assorted jars.

And right in the middle was a large tin with no label. I picked it up and shook it and she said she had to take eighteen a day – three in the morning, three in the afternoon and three in the evening. I asked what on earth they were and she said M&M’s! 

Chocolate she tells me is good for increasing her energy levels!.
Rosey, I know you are reading this and you’ll probably tell me off for teasing you! In a couple of weeks time I’ll take you out for a big juicy steak by way of an apology..


  1. mmm m&m's are the way to go!
    I wish I could be in Roseys company! It
    sounds magical!

  2. m&m's.... how very clever. i think i need to put myself on those too, heee heee heee

  3. Yes, M&Ms are definitely a staple of the Mountain Man's vegetarian diet. I will not be converted however (not that he tries). Every now and then I have to have a steak.

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  5. I think I read someplace that M&Ms are made from kittens. I have never seen a vegetarian that looked healthy or happy. They are usually very pale and carry an odor not unlike Kimche.

  6. as an animal lover,, i could not slaughter my own meat,, but i cannot pass by what has been prepared for me,, and is currently available in the stores.. that would mean my furry friend died in vain and i couldn't abide by that either....

  7. I came by looking for your Sunday Scribbling (you usually do, don't you?....) but loved this post instead! You two have a wonderful friendship- and much to offer each other too! I blame you though for my getting nothing done for the last couple of hours as I've been on Roseys blog, having a great read and enjoying myself.

    Are you still snowed under?!
    Bella :)

  8. IF Rosey dont want the steak I will!

  9. Very funny! I agree with your comment about the creation of the world and God's intention for every animal. I am a carnivore, but someone who loves animals, I Know!! thorough hypocrite right??

    Still working on that bit....ugh...

    ...and then the pulled pork beckons!



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