Monday, February 02, 2009

The beach looks different today

Let me read it to you! SINGLE click on arrow.

The beach looks different today
The sea the sky the waves are grey
Pebbles now are hid from sight
The shore a sheet of dazzling white
I hear a laugh I see a child
throwing snowballs running wild
There a puppy leaping high
chasing snowflakes in the sky
I look around, I love the way
the beach looks different today


  1. and I so love the sound of your voice and your lovely accent! beautiful poem Keith, I love it when u read to me! :))

  2. this is the most exquisite shot i've seen.... the beach and the snow, hard to link in my mind...

  3. Wow! It does look different indeed!

    & I loved to listen to the recitation of such a beautiful piece that you have written!

    I heard that there was a great snow storm in Britain a couple of days ago!

  4. How lovely, both photo and poem! Snow scenes seem far away from our California spring. Plum trees are blossoming here!

  5. What a lovely happy winterpoem I can see the dog chasing the snowflakes

  6. and i love the sound of your voice when you read the poems to me.. thank you keith!!!!

  7. Just lost my must be floating in cyberspace somewhere!
    I was saying what a stunning picture this is, and an image of England that I'd never really seen before! Your poem goes perfectly with it- I love the images it conjures up. More please!


  8. Keith wow what a gorgeous photo, then coupled with your reading. This makes for some awesome stuff. Love, love that photo!!

    Bundle up and stay warm!!

  9. I close my eyes (after admiring the photos of course) and listen to your voice and dream of England.

  10. This is a beautiful poem and it is recited wonderfully. Your voice is wonderful to listen to Keith. What a pleasant surprise I have when I listened to you.

    The beach looks different today to you but it looks like one of ours to me, lol. I never expect snow in the UK.
    I have an "Interesting Blogging Award" for you, at my Gimme A Dream blogspot.