Tuesday, November 25, 2008

one day soon

This weeks prompt on Writers Island is Describe The Future

let me read it to you
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One day soon the sky will be a palette of lilac and mauve and pink
the air will wrap itself around us like a comforting warm blanket
our senses filled with the sounds smells and taste of nature’s bounty

One day soon the troubles of the past will matter no more
And where chaos once reigned a new stillness will settle all around
Where sadness weighed us down a new joy will raise us up.

One day soon


  1. oh i like your future. may i come?

  2. That is so lovely and filled with hope. Thank you.

  3. This touched and warmed my heart. Beautifully written Keith Thank you so much for this pearl

  4. bravo!!! you know how much i love it when you read it for me... this was heaven..

  5. Wow! that is deep. When one touches the rock bottom, one has no option but to start rising again! that is the only way where one can go!

    Great poem Keith. I loved to hear you read it!

  6. One day soon can not come soon enough - beautiful poem!

  7. And???????????
    Just how many bottles of wine did one consume before writing this wonderful piece?