Friday, November 28, 2008

my zoo

If I was a frog
I’d sit on a log
and stick out my tongue
and catch flies

If I was a worm
I’d wriggle and turn
and dig a deep hole
where I’d hide

If I was a bee
I’d buzz round a tree
and dive into flowers
to make honey

If I was a mouse
I’d live in your house
and eat all your cheese
and your bread

if I was a snail
I’d leave a white trail
and sleep in a shell
on my back

If I was a child
I’d live in the wild
if my mum and my dad
said I could

Then what I’d do
is start my own zoo
with the ants and the slugs
and bugs too


  1. a zoo full of insects??? dear,, i am hoping you have spirits at the snack bar to get me thru the trip!!!!

  2. Awww, the pleasures of one whiskey to many, As usual very well done.

  3. Eek *runs from the mouse*

  4. Too cute and atleast you are decisive about what you would do if you were any of the animals named lol.

  5. We could have a zoo here . . . oh wait, we sort of do.

    Very cute poem.