Friday, September 19, 2008

The car salesman

let me read it to you - single click on arrow
Greetings madam
welcome sir
Come right in
and choose a car

Look over there
that one in blue
I'm certain sir
it was made for you

Stroke those curves
look at those lines
Feel that sheen
it's simply sublime

Madam just look
at this luggage space
Imagine the shopping
you'll fit in this place

Open the door sir
sit in that seat
Breath in the leather
stretch out your feet

Here ma'am a mirror
so terribly sheek
Perfect when giving
your make up a tweak

Open the hood sir
a beautiful sight
Six litres of muscle
to power your flight

Madam this colour
it's you don't you think?
If not, by the way,
they make it in pink

Why are you leaving
I've lots more to show
Kind sir and dear madam
I beg you don't go!


Greetings madam
Welcome sir
Come right in
and choose a car..........


  1. I love it when you read your poems Keith. You are very good at it - so much energy. Plus, I don't need to wear my glasses *giggles*.

  2. ha! typical car salesman. makes a car sound so wantable!

  3. a perfect poem,, made only that much better by the privilege of having you read it to me......