Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Autumn - a poem

Green becomes red
then orange and brown.
Skeletal hedge rows and mighty oaks
point barren fingers at an autumn sky

A gentle breeze
sends rustling leaves scurrying
and constantly rearranges
natures carpet of many colours

At the day’s end
a setting sun gives way to a ghostly mist
laying low across empty furrows.
A damp chill fills the still air

The time has come
for the earth to rest, to hibernate.
To protect and nourish natures treasures
'til spring wakes them from their winter slumber.


  1. Keithhhhhhhhhh beautiful, wonderful imagery. I just love the changing of the seasons don't you

  2. 'natures carpet of many colours'
    just lovely Keith!

  3. here in northern california,, winter is a time for rebirth in many ways ,, the hills that remain brown a dried all summer get green and lush... the trees do lose their leaves,, but we have many species of trees and flowers that bloom and grow all year long... so despite the gray and the gloom and the rain,, winter can actually be quite lovely....

    this poem reminds me of my childhood in ohio,, four distinct seasons,, and autumn the most beautiful by far....

  4. you painted a perfect picture...

  5. Beautiful pictures.Both in words and photos..

  6. aah Fall... I am ready.. I just love the colors!

  7. You are getting a better and better poet. Nice pictures as well What a difference with our spring colours

  8. Seasons come and go.
    I'm always late to your blog.
    I'm so bloody slow.

    Beuatiful words and pictures (as always).
    It's Spring time here...jealous?

  9. There's so much in here that I love, "Skeletal hedge rows and mighty oaks point barren fingers at an autumn sky" and "the time has come for the earth to rest, to hibernate" Oh I love autumn, and you have described it beautifully.
    (thank you for finding my words and taking the time to comment)