Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why do I do it?

Someone asked me the other day why I Blog. Wasn’t it simply a form of attention seeking? Isn’t it just a little sad?I was a tad lost for words at the time, but now I’ve had time to stand back and think about it and this is what I’ve come up with.
My Blog is my constant friend. I can tell my Blog anything I like and it never answers back. I tell it whatever I want and it never questions my motives or reasons.Ok, so true friends don’t give away your secrets and my Blog makes every effort to shout my business from the rooftops!
But I don’t mind. Using my Blog I find myself able to say things I wouldn’t necessarily say in a face-to-face situation and that’s probably a good thing!
. When I started I assumed only family and friends would looking at it, but I soon discovered I had readers not just from the UK, but from all four corners of the globe. And as a result I have found new friends world wide as well.
'It’s part autobiography, a bit of a travel diary with a little social comment thrown in for good measure. I discovered I could write the odd poem, and my short stories seem to have something of a following. I’m able to litter the sight with photos when the mood takes me and all in all I’m chuffed to bits with it. So that’s what it is and that’s why I do it.
Mind you, he may just have had a point.


  1. this is one thought which continuously haunts me..sometiems i'm teh one asking this question, sometimes it's teh others...

    but i feel its nice to have a medium where you air your thoughts without being interrupted and in fes cases maybe learn something new from people who comment...

    And of course i love your short stories, and the photos and teh odd poem...:D

  2. Keith, I am thankful that you do blog. I am thankful for you directing many of us this way. So thank you for your kindness and many, many happy memories.

  3. Hi Keith! How have you been?
    First off... Who is this dude asking such questions? SAD? attention getting?? NO, No not at all! I know certain people look at me odd when they hear I blog. They TOTALLY don't get the friendliness with strangers.
    Telling our thoughts to the world.
    I think THEY are missing out on such a wonderful outlet, and social network.
    Keep on blogging friend. You are so insightful and inspiring! xo

  4. this has been asked sooo many times. quite frankly, i don't care what others think in this specific regard. i like blogging, i love 'meeting' people all over the world, and i get to write. that's sufficient reason for me.

  5. blogging is to each of us a sharing of ourselves without revealing our selves ....well sort of....

  6. Keith I think blogging is the intimate outlet so many of us crave. For people to know our inner workings. To attract like minded souls, so we feel less alone in our uniqueness! I also think it's a way of preserving our mortality. Am I getting too deep here! I think it's special people who blog, it fills a wonderful void. It's a great way to connect! Plus it's really really fun to write...if you love writing! There is another aspect to blogging, it's a form of self discovery. I challenge anyone not to learn something new about themselves after they start blogging! It just happens!! That's why I love blogging, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!! I may also make this a post for tomorrow! It's long enough!!

    Hugs Giggles
    I am so glad you Blog!!!

  7. Oh Keith, I here ya!

    I get lonely when I don't blog, which, it's been hard for me to find time lately with everything else going on. Blogs are just the 21st century journal... the only difference is, someone besides us is reading it! And really, isn't that a good thing? :)

  8. why blog?

    Arey a blog is a hobby of self expression which does not tantamount to exhibitionism!

    & also a way to learn so much & get connected with people all around the globe & realize how much of a single community we humans are!

    It also about learning to Love people!

    let me begin by telling you

    Keith, I love you dear Friend!

  9. Just tell him to try it, and then he'll understand. I personally am very glad you blog. Otherwise I never would have "met" you!

  10. i belive why we blog is one of those questions we cannot answer.. it began as one thing and become totally something else all together...

    it is one of those things people have to experience to understand... and to those that just don't get it,, i am ever so pleased they don't have a blog.....

  11. Yeah, I just wish I'd said that plus more.



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