Friday, August 29, 2008


May I read it to you? Single click on arrow

She sits and stares
unfocused eyes swimming to the horizon
Gazing into infinity
No sign of tears
Her expressionless face an empty canvas
A sea of pallor

I look into her eyes
I see nothing but a swirling mist of grey

That sparkle gone

I try to ask her why
a cloud of despair envelopes her
She hears me not

But I will wait
I’ll stay by her side for as long as it takes
for her to return

But for now
She inhabits a sorrowful place of her own


I know not where


  1. Powerful piece! Your words describe the picture so perfectly.

  2. oh keith,, your reading it really does the trick.. this was wonderful all the way around......

    thanks for stopping in to see me... i could use a friend today....

  3. This powerful poem doesn't REQUIRE that it be read aloud, but the reading enhances it immensely. The photo is an excellent picture of one who is somewhere where others can't follow.

  4. I don't know of anyone else who does this on their posts: read them for us. I love it, it's so rich and unique. And then a piano follows and the mood for your poem is just perfect.

  5. this was so cool and so well done!

  6. wow! this was so moving when I read it, but hearing YOu read it to me Keith, well it was very powerful and beautifully sad.
    I couldn't help but wonder if you wrote it from a memory?

  7. Keith you've done it again. This poem had me in tears, George and Joan is priceless, and the walk around town transported me across the water instantly to walk where you were walking.

  8. I hope it's not Rosey! This is amazing.... really does envelope a large spectrum! Stroke, Alzheimer, depression! Truly well written!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Beautiful poem. Deep. Mysterious. Enigmatic.

  10. stunning!!! beautifully written.

  11. This is beautifully written. And I know how she feels, but there is someone waiting for her too!Lovely.

  12. All of the above!

    The emphasis you put on certain sections and the way your voice slides over some words really helps form the emotional impact of this poem!

  13. Awesome piece Keith very nicely done. See I told you, you should write more poetry very nice job.

  14. sometimes it takes all the patience in the world..and some people totally deserve that

  15. That was very powerful... awesome.. missed reading your blog.. now I am back!!

  16. when I FINALLY get my stuff right I will do one ta make ya proud.

    Mate! That was excellent !

    except for the constant piano playing couldnt ya had something like sweet child in time by deep purple or changes by black sabbath or even beethovens Fur Elise?
    Still it was good and i was very good I listened and banged my head right to the end,,,,,,,,,


    I survived.........phew!
    Paybacks will be Great!
    dont ya DARE hit the stop button!

  17. You are getting better and better in writing poetry..

    trying to find a meaning

  18. Intense. Best description I heard about the inner world of some brain disorders and those who love us are around them not able to get in. Like some forms of autism. I guess. I like your music with the poem and I like the ending where you don't quit on her you just wait. :)

  19. haunting and sad. I've been there...on the outside. It makes one feel so helpless.

  20. i loved it and the reading makes it more intense...

    very nice poem...

  21. Keith what I love about this piece is the intensity of it. It's like a mystery waiting to be solved, but there isn't anything to go on to find out why.

    They rhythm of this piece is fantastic, keeps you moving along, again the intensity of it fantastic.

    I read it myself first to get a feel of it then I listened to you read it and it verified how I would have read it.

    Wonderful stuff. The more you write Keith your level of expertise increases.

    You never disappoint!

  22. I love it Keith!

    I really do enjoy listening to you is soothing.

  23. This one has grabbed my heart. So compassionate and sensitive . Great work Keith

  24. Beautifully written, and I loved the reading... raised it to another level!