Friday, August 15, 2008

Olympic blues

Please tell me I’m not the only person in the world who can’t wait for the Olympics to finish! I want my radio station back as it was a week ago. I want my favourite TV programmes back where they used to be.

I admit I did really enjoy the opening ceremony. Who couldn’t? It doesn’t worry me that many of the fireworks we saw where actually added computer images. And whilst it’s a little sad that a nine year old girl wasn’t considered cute enough to stand on stage and sing (a ‘pretty’ girl mimed to her voice) the moment was nonetheless very moving.

It’s often said the games don’t really start until the athletics get going. I’ve never really understood that. The first week is just about tolerable. We see proper sports. Sports where one person plays against one person. Boxing, tennis, badminton. Team sports where tactics and quick thinking decide the outcome. Soccer, volleyball. And individual pursuits such as cycling where the slightest error can cause chaos.

But next week we start seeing people huffing and puffing in order to be the fastest one to run in a straight line or a circle. We are supposed to get excited by hop-skip-and-jump and fearsome looking ladies throwing cannonballs. I heard someone comment today that the smog hanging over the stadium is so thick that when they throw the javelin, it will get stuck in the sky! But seriously though, this part of the games simply cannot give the same level of excitement. The fastest / quickest / fittest wins. Full stop.

I realise I am probably a lone voice, even though the Chinese are bringing in busloads of students to fill the empty seats. For the next four years all I will hear about is the 2012 Olympics which are to be held in London and which I have to pay towards through my taxes. But never mind.

On a lighter note, I did hear someone point out today that the gymnastics is the place grown men can look at teenage girls in leotards without being called perverts! I couldn’t possibly comment.


  1. Oh Keith,

    Now now. The Olympics is a wonderful thing to watch. While it may disrupt your radio show for a short bit it is the world coming together competiting against one another and becoming friends making bonds, making dreams come true. Put a CD on and relax to music but enjoy the moment of so many countries and people coming together without fighting. I think the olympics is wonderful.

  2. Yeah Keith I'm with you! We have the 2010 here! I'm in the same boat, only two years sooner!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. I had really to laugh whilst reading this post....after a long and weary night, this has been a great place to start my day!
    And you're not the only person who feels this way, I echo your sentiments wholeheartedly! Well-written, I loved this! And your point in the last paragraph is so true....! But at least I could comment more than once on Michael Phelps physique without my husband wondering if I fancy him...that is, if I actually watched the Olympics in the first place.......:)

    Bella :)

  4. I haven't even turned them on. I could care less about them. Well I usually have my nose in a book or bent over a piece of paper with a pen.

    Have a great weekend Keith.

  5. well i detest competitive sports, amateur or professional it is all the same to me... so no, mt dear, you are most certainly not alone.....

  6. ah, now i know why hubby watches gymnastics, heee heee heee

    i'm with you though, i may end... the only sport ever watched in this household is the moto gp and superbike racing. now??? olympics!!! why?!?!?!?!?!?!

    ah, i nearly forgot, gymnastics of course...

  7. I like watching the gymnastics. But the last summer Olympics I actually watched was in 2000, and even then the commentators were so annoying, and the coverage was SO USA and ignored anyone else that I was fairly disenchanted. My favorite opening ceremony was when Norway had it.
    I thought of you when I read some comment about London having to follow China's opening ceremonies. When the games were in Atlanta, my stepsister rented her house out for the month at some ridiculous price which probably covered her mortgage payments for a year and went home to stay with her Dad.



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