Monday, August 04, 2008

My Writing Desk


I know it’s here somewhere
but where tell me where
I saw it last night
when I sat in this chair

I spent four hours scribbling
and scratching my head
and screwing up paper
and shaking my head.

My pen is still here
my blotter my ink
but where is my poem
I just cannot think

Has it dropped on the floor
is it under that book?
Is it tucked in those papers
Where else can I look?

There’s just one thing for it
this place is a mess
Now is the time
when I sort out my desk!


  1. Absolutely hilarious! The amount of times I've done that myself! Brilliantly written :-)

  2. Keith I can picture you like this, but behind you is tons of story pages and waded sheets of paper from poems you think unworthy lol. This great.

  3. My desk looked like that during grad school, well before I had a computer.

  4. I like it, it's a fun read and the pic go so well with it, I enjoying reading this

  5. hilarious.. and just loved the pic.. wish it was you in the pic though, would have been a sight!!

  6. MY oh my you look like you need a maid lol.

  7. Looks just like my desk!

  8. Fantastic. The pace of your poem reflects the clutter perfectly. I feel the tension.

  9. i see you've been over to visit my sister.... :)

    very witty...

  10. Great picture. Luckily I write all mine on the computer screen but this poem really does put across the frustration of loosing work in a wonderfully funny way.

  11. i am so glad to see you are still scribbling poems Keith...i am not back but couldnt resist a peek into one of my favorite bloggers and see what you were up to...and of course I heard good news and wedding bells...i am imagining you as the father of the bride :) Have lots of fun...expect to see lots of pic on your return after the wedding..:)

  12. This is awesome!!!!!
    So witty and clever! Fantastic job!