Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A cup of coffee in Hampden Park

I missed my train,
how stupid.
Now I have to wait
But what to do?
Ah - there’s a cafe,
a cup of coffee I think.

Look there
in the middle of the road
One man digging a hole
two men peering in.

What's that shop opposite?
a party shop I think
‘Balloons’ it says on the window.
And right next door
A hair stylist
Jazz it’s called
Late night Wednesdays
no appointment necessary

That shop over there
has a funny name
Key-pic’ Clean it says
Must be a dry cleaner
I’d have called it
Keep-IT Clean
if it were mine.

Just look at that
a sandwich bar
Painted bright red!
Another odd name
The Filling Station
Oh, I get it
quite clever really.

What’s that next door?
Oh, a carpet shop
Samples hanging on a hook
outside on the wall
There’s a sign in the window
‘Sale’ it says

Do my eyes deceive me?
Another shop called Jazz?
This one seems to be
a barbers shop
If I had time I’d call in.

The cars are queuing now
the railway gates are down
A train’s about to cross the road
but not my train
I have to wait another thirty minutes.

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  1. what a great poem... i loved it,, i felt as if i was there with you looking around and taking it all in....

  2. next time take me too. lovely selection of shops you got there... a girls kinda poem. shops and shopping, of course!!!

  3. Very descriptive. Like a movy is unfolding