Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Another year older

When you live alone, each day seems to start the same. Coffee, shower, more coffee, check emails, another coffee.

Then off to work, do some work, finish work and come back home.

Open a bottle, microwave a meal, slump in front of the pooter then go to bed.

Except today! Because when the postman gives me his usual cheery wave as he drops yet more bills on my mat, there should be some coloured envelopes amongst the brown ones!

And at work people will be nice to me! They may even give me a cake like last year!

I’ll still be on my own tonight, but my bottle will be a better one, my meal a more expensive one. I’ll still slump in front of the pooter of course, and I'll still go to bed.

When I wake up again, everything will be the same as before, except I’ll be a year older.



  1. Happy Birthday! I hope it was a great one!


  2. Happy Birthday mate if ya had let me know sooner,,,,,,,,,,,eeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr Never mind ya probaly would regret it......
    Wine women and song.......

  3. Happy Birthday, matey. If u were here, I'd buy you a pint.

  4. Keith you don't look a day over thirty :) You deserve all the good things life can bring. Smile a little bigger, be a bit more daring, allow yourself that extra something you've been wanting and just rejoice in another blessed day of living.

    Cheers Keith, I raise my coffee cup to you and through out the day I'll cheer you more. This is a day of remembering.

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo for the I'm a day wiser boy.

  5. Happy Bday... hope it was loads of fun!!

    Hope you had a lovely day and a lovely bottle.
    If we could, we would raise a glass to you . . . . !!!
    Lots of love, ATO&E

  7. Happy Birthday! If you'd let us know sooner we would have thrown a party!