Monday, July 28, 2008

the storm

I wrote this a few hours ago during a very violent thunder storm. I would have posted it earlier, but just as I sat down and wrote the first word, the power went off!
My room is dark
Save two flickering candles
To show the way.
.I sit outside my door
In the oppressive heat
of a mid summers night.
All around pitch black
Not a light to be seen
Then a blinding dazzling shard of silver
Assaults my eyes
And a thunderous crash
Shakes me to my very soul
.I look toward the oceon
Nothing I see until once again
the heavens illuminate the scene
The sea millpond calm
Glistens for a second
Then once again is gone
.Without warning
A torrent of rain
Comes crashing from the sky
Roaring , hissing, bouncing high
Like so many bejewelled coronets
In the lightning’s glare
.The smell, that sound
The power, that majesty
Lasts but for a short while
Then is gone
let me read it to you


  1. We had one just like that about six weeks ago!! Scary for sure...sound right on top of you!! Enjoyable read!

    Hugs Sherrie

  2. you live near the sea? wow!!!

    but i'm sure you get to see nature in all her moods - happy, angry and soothing too

    this mood sounded getting good at poetry ;)

  3. Keith a huge hug for a wonderful write/poem. Wow sometimes the in the moment happenings are powerful things to write about.

    Wish I'd been there to share a cup of coffee with ya lol. That is what we do when it storms, drink coffee and watch the miracle of nature.

  4. Very impressive my friend........

  5. very vivid and furious!! I loved it!! I shut the windows and lock myself in every time there is a storm :P.. loved the last picture of the water splash.. well captured

  6. Also wanted to say.. you read it so well!

  7. Great thunderblitz poem We didn't get any storm only poor KB had one like that on the north island

  8. i so miss the beauty and power of a good old east coast thunder storm... over here in california,, you never even get to see the lightning,, but it sets hundreds of wild fires.... go figure...

  9. Very good, Keith. We have avoided the thunder and lightening storms so far this year, which is good. We had a 'storm' the other night at 4am. At its peak, the count between the light and the thunder was 18 seconds. Cleigh went racing out to the field to make sure the horses weren't spooked. Apparently they were laying down, asleep and missed the 'storm', lol! It must have rained out to sea, somewhere.

  10. You captured an elusive beauty, all the elements of the fleeting moment freeze in this page with your words.

    How wonderful it is, Keith, to watch and feel the storm from your angle, from your view different from my own.

    I wish you well.

    ~ Jeques



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