Saturday, July 26, 2008

At one with myself

Sunday Scribblings has this week come up with a single word prompt. Solace.
I sense silence. Yet all around I hear the sounds of nature. The shingle crackles and grates under my feet, the rhythmic whoosh of the waves fills my ears and the shrieking of a hundred gulls gives a voice to the deserted shore line.

Here I am alone. Yet my companion, this hidden secret beach, is here to wrap me in splendid seclusion. I am alone but I share my very being with the raw edge of nature.

Here I hear my own voice, though silent. Here my thoughts surround me. Here I am at one with myself yet enveloped by a greater force, one which allows me the freedom and isolation I crave whilst lifting me out of myself and cradling me in glorious isolation.

The beach is ever changing. Some days filled with wrath, others tranquil and calm. Some days the sea is an enigmatic aqua, another as grey as granite. I look toward the horizon and see my life uncharted. What lies beyond? Who can tell?

But here I can be myself. Unquestioned, unchallenged. Here I can think, consider, compose.
let me read it to you


  1. this is just so lovely Keith. I've never been able to sum up exactly how the beach makes me feel..but you've put my feelings into the perfect words.
    absolutely-WeLL Done! :)
    ( hope all is well )

  2. oh sorry to pop in again.. one more thing..
    did you forget to put your link on SS ?
    I can't find your name over there. I would hate others to miss out on your moving poem :)

  3. you know Keith, ability to find solace in places is a god's gift, I have never felt like this on a beach before..this kind of makes me a little jealous.

  4. why! we all seem to be talking of beach today!

    This is a post that evokes such tranquil images in mind! and a feeling of Peace & harmony!

  5. Keith,
    Magnificent poem ,enhanced by your reading. I was taken back to times when I myself have felt the touch of nature in my solitude and touched her back with my feet my breath, my gaze and for such were we both richly rewarded.
    I'm so glad I stopped by for a visit today!

  6. I love this, the realization that we are not seperate from anything..we are the beach, the waves, the stones under out feet. If nature is at peace, than we too are at rest in peace.
    very cool k

  7. I really love this post Keith, and I've also enjoyed the comments that have been left for it. You've brought so many memories back for me. My childhood was mostly spent on the beach and when the noisy play was over, yes, I found solace lying quietly on the sand, letting the waves lap over me as I'd stare at the sky above, trying to make out shapes in the clouds.
    I'd forgotten how much I loved those moments, and the solace I found there, until I read your post.

    You are a master story-teller, I'm always drawn in here. Thank you, Keith :)

    Mine is up at:

  8. Oh, I loved this piece and it's made doubly delicious by your reading. Thank you!

  9. Very nice poem. This is my favorite part:
    this hidden secret beach, is here to wrap me in splendid seclusion.
    Thanks for visiting my SS!

  10. I crave the beach! But my favorite time is when the weather is lousy and no one is around! Beautiful prose poem!

  11. I loved this post. Beauty in being with oneself and places is what I relate to.

  12. Beaches are magical places, the boundary between earth and water -- I love how your poem gets at the moodiness and restorative power of one of my favorite places.

  13. What a gorgeous picture. I love the images in your piece - down to the different colors of the sea. Beautiful.

  14. I enjoyed the thoughts your poem provoked. My emotions about the ocean are as turbulent as the waves...sometimes calm and peaceful, others ferocious and violent...and then sometimes, they just sway back and forth with the tide.

    When I was an adolescent, one of my friends was killed by the ocean. He was surfing, and a wave swooped up and the great hand of Poseidon grabbed hold of him and never let him go.

    It took me a long time to forgive the beast that is the Ocean, but while Mother Nature can be harsh and cruel...she is still our mother, and in time we, her children still find the need to be nuzzled in her bosom.

    So, 20 years later, I find myself at piece with the Ocean..and I visit the beach and stand in awe of its power and majesty. When I think on my friend, I am reminded that I am NOT on the top of the food chain...and never will I forget to show Posiedon my respect.

  15. keith - beautiful reflection on your relationship to nature - i particularly liked hearing you read it - thank you so much!!!

  16. I love the sound of your voice as you read these two last pieces of art, Keith. It is truly magical to listen as read tell the story and I too am beginning to see you as a master story teller. Let me know how you did the recording, please?

  17. love your description, felt like i was there myself. to me, nature = solace pretty much too...



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