Thursday, July 03, 2008

This place is crazy!

This weeks challenge on (Fiction) Friday is an odd one
'Write like Fireworks…write fast, write down random thoughts, hurry through it. And don’t even reread it today—you can always come back to it tomorrow'.
So here goes!
Hey lookover therered hair
Yellow sock on one leg blue on the other!
What’s that in that shop? Yea, that one
It’s a kite, no it’s not, it’s a dress.
And that skirt so short and bright
Makes my eyes go funny. I can even see her....!
What’s that he’s eating?
ewww! horrid
Yuck it’s dribbled down his shirt thing.
Look in that window is it legal?
I suppose anything goes here!
Look at the state of her! Those colours, that hair
And him, looks like a clown is that cool?
Listen - that noiseWhat is it?
It’s coming from him –
him with that mouthorgan what a row!
Look where you’re stepping, mind out
there’s a painter down there!
That baby in that old pushchair! Looks as wild as its mother!
Hair on end look and it’s got streaks of green,
no purple, no as you were green – ish!
Gold here, green there, pink above, black below
Funny hats, crazy glasses
Long beards, short beards, ginger, white
That man his grey ponytail down to his waist.
This place is crazy crazy
Wanna see where I'm yacking about?


  1. Wowzer that is deffo a firecracker effect there. Love the bright colors throw out this piece. Your link leads to all the chaos that is those colors. Wonderful

  2. makes me go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it!!! :)

  3. a scribble of odd tasting words, sweet!

  4. This is brilliant! your powers of creativity overwhelm me.