Friday, July 04, 2008

Farewell - not goodbye

Today sees the last prompt from Writers Island as we know it. Many months ago Rob set up this wonderful site which proved inspirational to aspiring writes world wide. Were it not for Writers Island I doubt my writing would have developed in the way it has. It challenged me, it made me think. Todays prompt is 'farewell'

Farewell not goodbye
Suddenly the lights of Paris seemed less bright. The laughter of minutes ago now a distant memory. Eyes that sparkled now dissolved down ashen cheeks.

She leaned from the gaping window and clutched his hand. Although close they felt a million miles apart, separated by the cold steel of the carriage door.

With a menacing roar the train began to inch its way down the platform. Slowly at first as if to prolong the agony of these final heart wrenching moments. He choked on his emotion, she sobbed and gasped as she tried to speak. But she couldn’t. He ran beside her holding on as long as he could until the path beneath his feet ended. The monster headed out into the night taking away his very reason for living.

Now he stood alone. The platform deserted. Alone with his thoughts. He heard her voice whispering in the chill of the midnight breeze. ‘Goodbye my love’ she said. He stared out into the darkness as tears of rain began falling from the sky. ‘Adieu mon amour’ he cried ‘Adieu - pas au revoir’


  1. *Sob* this reminds me of one of those old black and white movies.. Maybe a Grace Kelly character type.

    Wow Keith, your writings have evolved each growing, each being crafted to show the skills you've picked up.

    I've lived through your writings, I've laughed, cried, mourned. What a wonderful journey.

    With an ending though, doesn't mean something has to stop, it just opens up another pathway for exploration.

    Keep on writing.

  2. as a fan of classic movies,, this one really fit the bill for me... i love the ending in french,, as a carryover from that post you did not long ago in french....

  3. A beautiful nostalgia in this - going back to previous times, the emotion, the heartache.

  4. Weeping here. And this line?
    "Eyes that sparkled now dissolved down ashen cheeks."




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