Monday, June 09, 2008

A welcome poem


Not one of my better poems, and I had a fit of the giggles when I tried reading it - as you'll hear! I also ended up with a somewhat out-of-focus image, but there's no way I'm recording it again! This was my tenth attempt to get through it!

' #

Oh there you are
so glad you came
This is my blog
Keith is my name

This is where
I write my stuff
Sometimes heavy
sometimes fluff

Down below
you’ll see some sites
Photos and poems
Rosey and ... er... things!

So pull up a chair
pour out a drink
tickle your mouse
and click on a link

If you care to comment
don’t be shy
Did I make you laugh?
Did I make you cry?

But most of all
thanks for your time
don’t be put off
by this terrible rhyme!



  1. Keith I had a bit of the giggles after reading this, not because of the poem, but because you darn well got me laughing by you laughing. I love the humor, wit, and just fun way this poem makes a person reading feel.

    Well done

  2. This is just a sweet homey poem that does indeed make a person feel welcome. Anyone not reading you is missing out on a special treat.

  3. You are so great! I loved this poem.
    Keep up the good work.
    I will be posting a poem of my own within the next few days, so make sure you drop by to see it. You've inspired me!
    Take care

  4. are you reading it!!

    Hugs Sherrie

    Wouldn't it be fun it everyone greeted us this way every time they saw us?

  5. My my my passes the wine glass and the wine bottle. Here won't you have some more. You are too funny love the giggle fit and not dreadful one bit. I love it.

  6. the more fun was seeing you read it.. hahaha!!! I love the way you giggled through it.. charming!! I actually like this rhyme though!!

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  8. Keith, your video made me smile.
    What a wonderfully creative way to welcome visitors to your blog.

  9. If you can't have the odd giggle with poetry, then it's not worth doing.
    This was fun.

  10. Anybody who makes me smile is OK in my book! Have a terrific day!