Sunday, June 08, 2008

Debate # 2 - ghosts!

My subject for debate last week – How many Gods are there? – received several interesting comments. So I’d thought I’d throw another one into the ring!
A few minutes ago, I was working on my computer when I suddenly lost my internet connection. After trying every way I knew to restore it without success, something drew my eye to the telephone extension led which connects my machine to my phone line, and I was surprised to find that it had been removed from the socket thereby cutting me off. I’m home alone, and the plug clicks into position. There is no way possible it can fall out. But out it was!

I work in an old building – it was built in 1780 and at one time it housed the local court. There was at least one person hanged on the premises. It’s supposed to be haunted. I am one of the only people who work or regularly visit there, that has never claimed to have experienced a ghostly presence. In fact a ghost-watch organisation carried out an all-night vigil there a couple of years back – here is a link to their report.
I am sceptical. I’ll go further – I find it hard to believe that spirits walk the earth. I find it difficult to believe that we can communicate with the dead. And although I’ve joined in a séance and felt a glass move beneath my fingers, I am still convinced to this day that someone pushed a little bit! As for the old lady in a tent with a pack of cards and a crystal ball, I remain unconvinced.
Having said that, if I get run over by a bus tomorrow and find myself wandering around like the invisible man, I promise to visit your site and leave you a message!In the meantime I’d really appreciate hearing your view on this subject.


  1. I have to say that I do believe in ghosts. My Grandma happens to haunt my kitchen...stop laughing! I will post something on this topic on my blog...make sure ya stop by and read it...


  2. So far nothing has convinced me either on the presence of these things.
    But if you do happen to visit my blog to leave comments as a sure to warn me :D

    So I can go around screaming it loud...

  3. We used to have a "ghost" in our house growing up, but he was a friendly sort. Never anything evil. I grew up in Nashville, and we were well versed on the Bell Witch who lived one county over. She was quite a malevolent being who did things in an effort to harm the family who lived in the house. I forget the whole history now, but I'll try to remember to look it up for you. The family, who were a God-fearing minister and his wife and children, were firmly convinced of her presence.
    I don't know that I believe they are actually the spirits of dead people (I haven't ruled out reincarnation as a possibility), but I do think that there might be angels and devils running around, just because I don't like to definitively rule out those possibilities. In case I'm wrong. And because you're right, that phone jack didn't just fall out!

  4. I have no doubts that we are connected and interacting with spirits on the other side. I have had many,many experiences with those who have passed on. As a psychic I know put it so succinctly: "they are not gone, they are only doing other things, in another place".

    LOVE your header btw.

  5. I once trained as a Medium, so I'm hopelessly biased.
    I honestly hope that I'm not being too controversial, Keith, when I recount a 'session' with one of my former trainee-mediums, which some of your readers may like to know. The Medium was 'bringing through' my late Mum and I asked her whether she has seen Jesus. She replied that she has seen him, but not actually been in his presence. I fully appreciate that many will not believe this, but I mention it for those who may do so.

  6. I personally feel that demons make them self appear as ghost, that is why there are different kind of "so called spirits" that do mean things
    they prey on the fears, hopes, and wishes of people and there by make it appear that they are ghost

    Please no tomato's thrown this way that is just my feelings

  7. I completly agree with Rebicmel. As a Christian, I believe the enemy will use any means to manipulate people and keep their minds off God.
    Believe it or not, I used to believe in ghosts and had many experiences with them, until I learned the truth.
    And feel free to throw tomatoes at me...I'll just make some spagetti sauce with them!
    Take care

  8. Hey there Keith,

    I love this topic. I truly do believe that spirits do come around and that we can truly still make some kind of connection with them. I know when my dad passed there were several things that were more noticeable to me whether it was something I had just never really looked for until he passed I don't know but I swear he has come to me in my dreams and I know he is keeping his eye on me. So I think if you believe and have no fear of the unknown they do exist.

  9. I do believe in ghosts. I do nopt believe in crystal balls and what nots. I have had personal experiences with several.

  10. There is definately something more! I
    sometimes ignore the messages and later regret it. Mom comes in the form of flicking lights, dad is a mist like form attracted to music.

    Hugs Giggles



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