Wednesday, April 02, 2008

poem3 - bordeaux


Years ago on the slopes of Bordeaux
a harvest in the sun
Plump juicy grapes where flung into crates
and the ritual had begun.

Trodden and squeezed the juice was released
a taste of things to come
Five years to soak in barrels of oak
the vintner’s task was done.

Finally bottled and labelled and corked
boxed and sent away
then opened and poured, savoured, adored
for this was its finest day.

let me read it to you!



  1. i felt its essence, Keith, in your words, in your voice, i am so glad you decided to are doing really well...

  2. loved the poem esp read aloud...

    way to go Keith...

  3. I can taste it now . . .

  4. aaww...I didn't want this to read it so well...and the poem is so well worded

  5. Loved the poem Love wine!

  6. Hey pour me a glass and lets raise our glasses. cheers! Great post.

  7. Fantastic and your reading it made it all the better