Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Poem 1 - April Fools Day

First of April
All fools day
Knock the door
and run away!

Wind hands back
On all the clocks
Tie a knot
in daughters socks!

Make the tea
but make it cold
Use some milk
that’s one week old!

Dial a friend
And shout ‘surprise -
Its Lotto here
You’ve won a prize!’

Tell your son
he’s got a spot
Upon his nose
Although he’s not!

Pretend the kids
are late for school
When they rush
shout ‘April Fool!’

listen here


  1. My, my ...Keith....that was one cute poem...
    but one week old milk...aaww
    So how's the challenge keeping you?

  2. hey good one Keith. Happy April Fool's Day to you, I was reminded of quite a few tricks from childhood. one down, twenty-nine to go huh?

  3. Ah, delightful :-)
    I'm a bit of a joker this day myself.

  4. Excellent beginning, but the Lotto thing? That's just mean. :)

  5. Good to see you are still up to your usual joking self, Keith. I don't think I will be visiting your home today because the milk might spoil my stomach. Hope you are having a nice day. Thanks for the comments at my blog. You are welcome anytime.

  6. Hey Keith I love it. Happy April Fools Day to you. Send all your admirers my way or for those of you who are reading this click my name and your on your way. I have submitted my first for the 30 a day for the month of April second going up now. Nice job.

  7. Very interesting blog you have here!
    Very nice poem!

  8. heh...heh...perfect poem for teh day :)

  9. great diddee keith... day 1 29 to go... thanks for stopping by...

  10. That's a great one! Just stumbled upon your site by clicking NaPoWriMo links. I loved the April Fool's Jokes! :-)

  11. Hi there Keith. I did not comment on sobbing yet and I have to say what an excellent poem.